Hire Founders Looking for a Side Gig

Looking to hire a part-time and remote software engineer? We've got some great ones that we pre-screened for you.

Founders founders founders

Some of the greatest people we know are founders. They are self-starters, think differently, and have an inherent drive to deliver quality. Founders don't only do the bare minimum, but genuinely want to make great things.

Part-time, part family

Froggodoggo is not a freelancer or outsourcing site. We know that the best work is done if people you hire are a real part of your team. We make sure to select companies and founders who think that way.

Fair wages for fair work

You get what you pay for. We only accept high-quality folks and while founders set their own salary, there's a defined minimum ($40/h). To make it even more fair, companies pay a small one-time matching ($300) and a monthly support fee (3% of salary).