Froggodoggo helps companies hire founders who are looking for a side gig.

Working part-time while getting your own startup or project up and running is a great way to finance yourself, especially if you don’t want to raise VC money or rely on loans from friends and family.

For companies looking to hire people, founders make great candidates. They are often self-starters, innovative thinkers, risk-takers and reliable coworkers.

A short history lesson

When we started our company Kosmos School, we went through all our savings and failed to raise VC money. Friends and family helped us out initially, but we decided against taking yet another loan from them. We realized that working a couple of days a week for a money job would help us keep working on our own startup, on our own terms, as long as we want.

Can was lucky, he instantly scored a part-time job with a previous company he had co-founded.

Dorena started looking for gigs on Upwork and co, but was less fortunate. The projects posted there were often paying a ridiculously low amount of money and felt boring and impersonal. On top of that, she had to put in a lot of unpaid time and apply to most projects. Instead of looking yet for another potentially shitty, low-paying project, we decided to build a better place for companies and founders to meet ourselves.

What we believe in

We pledge to always be transparent, honest and long-term oriented. We will never sacrifice our values for short-term financial gains.

We believe that pricing should be clear upfront and fair. We will never charge founders, or subtract hiring fees from their salaries.

We believe that people should be paid fairly for the work they do and value they provide, regardless of where they happen or decide to live. That’s why we have a mandated minimum salary.

We believe that startups are an important source of innovation, and that more people should start them. We hope that with this project, we can help more founders and indie hackers get started.

Privacy and Openness

Privacy is a fundamental right, and we do everything we can to respect yours and encourage other companies to do the same.

We don’t use cookies or ad trackers. On this site, we track anonymous user data with Simple Analytics and share it openly with you. See our analytics here. In our web app, we track anonymous user data with Mixpanel (we will share it openly soon, Mixpanel doesn’t have a default option for that, so we have to find a good solution).

The code bases that run this site and our web app (where the candidate browsing and matching happens) are also open-source, check it out here and here.