Dear founders, we started Froggodoggo because we know that financing your startup can be a pain in the butt. We also know that finding a side gig to support your startup on other platforms (who shall go unnamed) is a battle against the price race to the bottom. Also, it's often short-term and unrewarding.
Our goal with this is to help you get your company off the ground by matching you with companies that are looking for part-time folks, so you can make a buck on the side and still have enough time to work on your startup.

Super companies

Companies who want to hire through Froggodoggo also need to apply and get accepted. We only want to work with companies who understand that hiring a founder part-time is a great value for them, and ready to pay for the good quality they get.

Super process

After you've applied and been accepted to Froggodoggo, you can set your own availability and preferences. There's no need to apply for projects - companies will come looking for you. Just sit back and relax. Or do whatever you want, we're not your mom.

Super fair costs

We think most platforms charge too much money and can be intransparent. We're upfront and fair: Froggodoggo will always be free for founders. We charge companies who hire you a USD $300 one-time matching fee.